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Sunday, July 15

12:20am PDT

12:45am PDT

1:10am PDT

9:00am PDT

10:00am PDT

Clamp School Detectives Marriott Hall 5, Marriott Marquis & Marina Gad Guard Marriott Hall 6, Marriott Marquis & Marina Someday's Dreamers Marriott Hall 4, Marriott Marquis & Marina CCAS Sunday Devotional and Christian Comics Panel Room 32AB Comic Strip Legends Room 7AB Comic-Con How-to: Publishing Industry: From Manuscript to Industry Room 2 DC Comics: Young Justice Room 6DE Emily the Strange Room 23ABC Fringe Screening and Q&A Hall H Kids Can Draw Cartoons with Kristian Sather Room 11AB Sonic and Mega Man: Video Game Comics Showcase Room 24ABC Stunted Fools, Scary-Ass Clowns, Enlightened Orangutans, and Other Devilish Charmers: Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy Room 25ABC The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute Panel Room 5AB Comic-Con Film School 104: Postproduction Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina Cthulhu Dice tournament Room 15A Lord of the Fries Room 15A Revolution Room 15A Zombie Dice tournament Room 15A San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 1 Room 9 FANBOY: King of Fighter 13, Side event Room 16B FANBOY: Mortal Kombat 9, Fighter Room 16B FANBOY: Modern Warfare 3 FFA, Side event Room 16B FANBOY: Modern Warfare 3, Shooter Room 16B Adrienne Wilkinson Sails Pavilion - Autographs Chris Warner Sails Pavilion - Autographs Cindy Morgan and Bruce Boxleitner Sails Pavilion - Autographs Diane Sherry Sails Pavilion - Autographs Eric Hennig Sails Pavilion - Autographs Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jeff Rector Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jeffrey Breslauer Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jim Kelly Sails Pavilion - Autographs Lela Lee Sails Pavilion - Autographs Marilyn Ghigliotti Sails Pavilion - Autographs Philip R. Cable Sails Pavilion - Autographs Rich Arons Sails Pavilion - Autographs Richard Hatch Sails Pavilion - Autographs Richard LeParmentier Sails Pavilion - Autographs Sean Austin Sails Pavilion - Autographs Terry Naughton Sails Pavilion - Autographs Timothy Patrick Quill Sails Pavilion - Autographs Power Rangers Sails Pavilion - Autographs Microsoft Studios Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review TML Animation Studios Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Wizards of the Coast Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Kent & Vyxsin Sails Pavilion - Autographs Evil Steve Must Die Room 15A Frag Bug Hunt Room 15A Grav-Chariot Racing Room 15A Malifaux Room 15A San Diego International Children's Film Festival Room 9 Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Demos Room 16A Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Open Dueling Room 16A Pokemon All Day Events: League play Room 14AB Pokemon All Day Events: Learn how to play! Room 14AB Pokemon All Day Events: Side events Room 14AB Spotlight on Jason Shiga Room 4

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