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Kurt Werner

El Cajon, California
I'm a man who has little-to-no memory of his past, who is constantly thinking of a thousand different worlds (in their individual universes), and is the poster child for "Nice Guys Finish Last." I'm a thinker: Who am I? What do I believe in? What skills and/or talents do I possess? Do I have a good life? What are emotions, and what level of control should I have over them? Am I lonely; happy; sad; angry, etc? Can I change the world? Can one person REALLY make a difference? How do I approach and ultimately avoid conflict? Can I be loved? Can I love? Why is there such hypocrisy when it comes to the held ideals of humanity? How does one measure violence; when does an action become violent? What is the state of existence of Reason? Why do I befriend those who detest my values; why do they stay my friends after learning of my values? Are capitalism and democracy compatible? more to come as I think 'em up.